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Concepts and Operations for Space and Missile Defense Integration Capabilities (COSMIC)

COSMIC is a Cost Plus contract to provide systems integration services to the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/U.S.Army Forces Strategic Command (USSMDC/ARSTRAT) Future Warfare Centerís (FWC) Space and Missile Defense Battle Lab (SMDBL).

Quantum is the Prime Contractor for two Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) projects:

  • Kestrel Eye Low Cost Nano-satellites
  • Soldier Warfighter Operationally Responsive Deployer for Space (SWORDS) Low Cost Launch System

Statement of Work
As a Prime Contractor serving the SMDBL, Quantum Research International leads a diverse team of companies that provide broad experience and subject matter expertise in system integration in the disciplines of Combat Development, Force Development, System Engineering and DOTMLPF; development of strategic direction (vision); wargame planning and execution; concept development and refinement; experiment planning and execution; new technology search, rapid prototyping, system production, demonstration, and deployment; and all aspects of operational support, which includes complete design, build and integration of low cost nano-satellites, a low cost launch system, and joint C4ISR nodes, such as the Space Support Element Toolset, Future Operational Capabilities Tactical Operations Center, and the Joint Functional Component Command Operations Centers.

Examples of Quantum's Services and Products

  • Component, cross-service, interagency and future force expertise
  • Recognition of sources who may provide space, near space and missile defense capabilities
  • Knowledge of S&T community initiatives and COTS technology exploration and identification
  • Technical/system integration
  • Development of operational prototypes
  • Wargaming and concept development/prototype experimentation planning, technical support, execution, evaluation and analysis
  • Generating capabilities documents
  • Designing/building Joint Functional Component Command Operations Centers
  • Configuration management and software development and helpdesk capability
  • Limited rate initial production of large-scale technologies
  • Field/training support to demonstrations and operational contingencies in multiple geographic areas
  • Development of low cost nano-satellites and "on-demand" low cost launch system
Quantum Points of Contact

Brad Kettner
Program Manager
Phone: (719) 597-1861
Fax: (719) 597-7844
Email: bkettner at quantum-intl dot com

Cynthia Pack
Contracts Manager
Phone: (256) 971-1800 ext 145
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Email: cpack at quantum-intl dot com

Debbie Fraley
Business Development Manager
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