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Design, Development, Demonstration, and Integration (D3I) Domain 3 (D3ID3)

D3ID3 is a $1,058,000,000 order-dependent, multiple award IDIQ contract that provides USASMDC/ARSTRAT with the capability to design, develop, demonstrate, and integrate products focused on development of Space, Missile Defense, and High Altitude in the Technical Support Area of Enhanced Warfighter Capabilities.

This includes advanced technologies that apply to detection devices, Counter IED technology, directed energy components, high energy lasers, high power microwave systems, electronic effects, counter-electronics, and energy devices in these areas:

  • Transmit
  • Sense
  • Power
  • Advanced Materials and Techniques
  • Other Novel Technologies
  • Electronic Warfare

Performance Requirements
Performance Requirements include technology gap identification, design, development, modernization, fabrication, integration, modification, testing, delivery, product transition, fielding, sustainment, operations, maintenance, and testing of limited quantity production, prototypes, systems, subsystems, components, sub-components, technologies, innovations, processes, and architectures. Task Order (TO) requirements can encompass a full range of work from technology search and requirements generation through prototyping and limited quantity production, as well as encompassing systems engineering and integration, and support of USASMDC/ARSTRAT missions and functions.  TO requirements can be applicable to live, virtual and simulated environments and will be inclusive of hardware, software, documentation and all required deliverables.

  • Requirements Definition, Concept/Architecture Development, and Technology Search
  • Design, Development, and Integration
  • Demonstration, Testing, and Experimentation
  • Assessment, Evaluation, Verification, and Wargaming
  • Limited Quantity Production
  • Information Superiority
  • System Safety
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Operations
  • Training and Exercise
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