Quantum Research Intl.


SeaPort-e: Quality Assurance Program

Total Quality starts with the assurance of absolute prime contractor accountability to NAVSEA.  Quantum's Program Manager (PM) will continually evaluate contract and project performance based on technical approach, cost savings, timeliness and continuous process improvements. Our PM and Contracts Manager will track labor hours and compare to established metrics (monthly performance and cost reporting).  To maximize the performance of all contract Task Orders, the PM will maintain a team of top quality personnel.  The PM and Task Managers (TMs) will monitor deliverable items to ensure delivery on schedule, in the correct format, and with the correct content.  The PM will meet with Government leaders to verify all Team Quantum personnel are performing to plan.

Individuals assigned to SeaPort-e tasks will participate with Government personnel in analyses of new requirements, making recommendations to correct known or potential deficiencies, and cultivating new capabilities to satisfy emerging requirements. Critical to maintaining a high level of performance is the establishment of clearly defined performance measures. To optimize our support for each customer, a tailored approach to establishing quality measures has proven the most effective. These measures can range from statistical process control to measurements such as defect counts, number and type of customer feedback statements, requirements volatility, audit results, corrective actions taken, or milestone performance. Quality measures for equipment and materials are defined as reliability, serviceability, availability, and integrity.  Quality control of service support, new equipment and materials is achieved through the implementation of a quality control process including the use of installation checklists, testing, and vendor verification documentation.  Additional procedures for validation and verification are adopted as required for unique equipment or materials. Our TM is responsible for identifying the required products to be delivered, and developing appropriate quality measures in concert with our PM and Government personnel. The appropriate TM will be responsible for assessing delivered products and services with respect to the standards developed, monitoring delivery of all products and services, to include timing and quality review sampling, and obtaining specific subject matter expert and customer feedback.

Through reports, reviews, and meetings with our specific customers, Team Quantum gains continuous performance feedback. Areas for improvement are identified and corrective action initiated as required. Our deliverable quality review cycle is a peer reviewed approach, where TMs will be involved in the review and critique of work products of other TMs. As necessary we will have access to specific subject matter experts for particular product or program reviews.  The PM will monitor TMs and is responsible for the quality of the program.

Our quality management is based on customer needs and applicable portions of various internationally accepted standards and models. These include ISO9000, commercial/military standards, Software Engineering Institute – Carnegie Mellon Model (SEI-CMM), the Malcolm Baldrige criteria, and Lean Six Sigma. Our management structure provides horizontal integration across all regions and product areas for similar services, and vertical alignment allowing a full understanding of all projects and tasks under the contract.