CyberDx, A Division of Quantum Research Intl, Inc. CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS
CyberDx Assessment Life Cycle

Vulnerability Assessment

CyberDx has conducted over 200 full spectrum Cyber Security assessments for commercial and government customers and analyzed thousands of web sites, web applications, and supporting databases for vulnerabilities and information leakage.

  • Identify Network Risks
  • Detailed Correction Methods
  • Virtual and Continuous Monitoring


We use a multi-stage process including passive network analysis, network port interrogation, and credentialed vulnerability scans to do a thorough job.

Onsite or Remote

Using over 40 types of tools, techniques, and specialized devices, we give customers flexible buying options. Onsite operations allow CyberDx to provide direct training and coordination with your IT staff. Remote operations save you time, money, and less interference with IT staff operations. The choice is yours!


The risk from wireless is huge! We conduct Internal and external audits of wireless networks with a variety of technical means to identify rogue devices and assess security levels.


Customers receive detailed recommended corrective actions to eliminate or mitigate the risks we find during our assessment including hard copy, disk, and a verbal outbrief. Critical risks identified are immediately reported to the IT staff during the assessment.