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Security Assessments
Identifying Risks and Vulnerability

Every business, agency, or organization, uses information technology (IT) to meet and exceed goals and objectives. Today's IT world is filled with threats from hackers, cyber criminals, and even nation states. Do you know your IT weaknesses and vulnerabilities? Do you know the threat posed to your critical data, brand, operations, and financial viability?

Ensuring the security of your network and protecting critical data is a challenging process. Conducting continuous penetration testing and vulnerability assessments allows you to know your IT network vulnerabilities and take action to stay ahead of the evolving cyber threat you face. Proactive identification allows you to focus your limited resources on remediating these issues and reducing your risk profile. Quantum Research has a proven track record of identifying weaknesses and prioritizing efforts to prevent exploitation.

As IT budgets become tighter, our assessment helps you address compliance standards, and identify the cause of current and/or possible security breaches. This information is invaluable when planning future spending as it relates to what is critical for your organization to succeed and operate legally and securely. Having an independent security assessment sends a clear message to your customers, managers and stakeholders that security is a high priority to your organization.


At the conclusion of each assessment, Quantum Cyber Security Analysts will discuss the results and provide the following products:

  • Comprehensive risk based vulnerability report detailing all findings.
  • Identification of any findings violating Security and Privacy Rules safeguards.
  • Specific remediation recommendations to include an estimate on the effort required for implementation.
  • All the data generated during the security assessment to allow trending and retrospective analysis by your IT staff.

Our report goes beyond the typical “High, Medium, Low” threat level and provides a context based assessment of actual risk. This is accomplished by combining the impact your organization would experience if a vulnerability is exploited against the likelihood an attacker could successfully bypass your defenses.

Cyber Security Services Overview
Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing Phishing Awareness and Prevention
  • Identify Network Risks
  • Detailed Correction Methods
  • Virtual and Continuous Monitoring
  • Experienced Ethical Hackers
  • Real World Attack Methods
  • Measure Risk and Impact
  • Controlled Phishing Attacks
  • Test User Reaction
  • Immediate Interactive Training and Results
Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Operations Cyber Security Training Certification, Accreditation, and Compliance
  • Global Large Enterprise Experience
  • Expert Threat Knowledge
  • Proven Incident Response
  • Virtual, Online, and Interactive
  • Leaders, Employees, and IT Staff
  • Cyber Security Planning and Policy Development
  • Successfully Completed 100+ Accreditation Packages