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Quantum Wins Key Army Contract to Design and Build Launch Vehicles to Place Nano-Sat Payloads Into Orbit

(Huntsville, AL March, 2013) —The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command (USASMDC) announced the award of the $19M Soldier-Warfighter Operationally Responsive Deployer for Space (SWORDS) development contract to Quantum Research International, located in Huntsville, AL. The SMDC’s Technical Center (SMDTC), Space and Cyberspace Technology Directorate, Space Division is responsible for administration for the SWORDS launch vehicle effort, which provides for the development and flight testing of a low cost launch vehicle, to include subsystem development, integration, propulsion system testing, flight testing, and vehicle launches. Multiple flight tests and missions are planned, with at least one full scale suborbital test launch and an operational orbital flight test with payload scheduled.

The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) approved SWORDS as a 2012 Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration (JCTD). This JCTD is an initiative to develop a low cost, responsive and robust space launch system for the U.S. Army to quickly launch and deploy nanosatellites. It will also provide a platform to conduct technology research and qualify components for space application. This responsive launch supports the employment of new capabilities in a rapid and low cost system, defining a radical departure from classical heavy launch vehicles with their lengthy time schedules and high costs.

Quantum, a global service and technology company, is the Prime Contractor for the development of the SWORDS launch vehicle. With over 25 years of history in providing defense related products and services to the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and the Intelligence Community, Quantum is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to the toughest problems within the missile defense, space operations, C4ISR, intelligence and cyber mission areas. The team Quantum has assembled to build the SWORDS launch vehicle will leverage recent commercial product performance improvements from non-aerospace industries to define a fundamentally different and unique vehicle development paradigm, enabling order-of-magnitude reductions in the total cost of launch vehicles. For example, traditional engineering product development costs will be avoided by incorporating high volume production components commonly used throughout the automotive, industrial and aerospace programs. As such, the launch vehicle concept leverages considerable prior investments in design and testing, is built upon mature rocket engine technology, and is configured to deliver a low-cost and operationally responsive capability.

The Quantum Team for SWORDS includes key subcontractors KT Engineering (KTE) and Teledyne Brown Engineering (TBE). KTE is a Huntsville-based small business that is a true leader in innovative low cost design and manufacturing techniques for aerospace vehicles. KTE brings to the team a prototype launch system concept with a robust and tested rocket engine design, and a staff well versed in the design and development of space launch vehicles. Teledyne Brown Engineering is a well-established member of the Huntsville aerospace development and test community with over 50 years of space systems engineering experience, delivering complex solutions to NASA and the USASMDC. TBE will support the Huntsville team with design analysis, test, and hardware manufacturing of the SWORDS launch vehicle.

Additionally, in an innovative approach to utilizing the extensive rocket, payload, vehicle launch, and space flight expertise already resident within the NASA community, Quantum has partnered with multiple NASA Centers under a cooperative effort to provide analytical, facility, and test support to the SWORDS program. Since the SWORDS program requires the successful development of the launch vehicle and the launch of a payload into orbit within a 24 month period, Quantum is able to reduce program risks through the utilization of a closely aligned SMDC-NASA-Quantum partnership. The increased probability of success in achieving program schedule and cost thresholds through this innovative team approach represents a potential game changing event for Warfighter space support and affordable commercial access to space.....as well as in putting the “rocket” back in “Rocket City!”

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Quantum, founded in 1987 to initially help our Nation counter Ballistic Missile threats, is a small business that now provides technical services for a global customer base that includes the U.S. Military, U.S. and state governments, allied governments, and industry. Quantum’s excellent reputation is centered upon providing expert services in the high technology areas of: Space Operations and Control, Cyber-IT, Logistics, C4ISR, Weapon Systems Analysis and Exploitation, Test and Evaluation, Acquisition Support, and Warfighter Support. For more information, visit http://www.quantum-intl.com.