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T.E.A.M. System Selected as a Most Promising Technology

(Huntsville, AL - November 7, 2007) —Quantum Research International, Inc. today announced the release of The CWID 2007 Final Report identifying the Quantum Tactical Emergency Asset Management (T.E.A.M.) system as one of the Most Promising Technologies of 2007. According to the report, the most promising technologies". . . successfully achieved stated objectives and favorably impressed warfighters/operators and technical assessors as relevant solutions for meeting combatant command and service capability gaps."

Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's annual by-invitation-only event to investigate command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) solutions for enhancing interoperability. Three T.E.A.M. mobile interoperable communications systems participated in the Homeland Security component of CWID 2007. The Final report includes the following statements:


"First Response - Tactical Emergency Asset Management Team (T.E.A.M.), IT 6.04, provided a new technology to CWID by integrating several existing technologies to provide a robust interoperable communications, command and control capability."

"By providing the voice and data networks between the commander and government agencies, NGOs and first responders, T.E.A.M. enabled seamless intelligence data sharing using advanced visualization technologies. The T.E.A.M. also demonstrated a comprehensive, integrated, on-site and remote incident management suite for local, state, and federal agencies."


"Warfighters were very impressed by the ease and speed of set-up as the system was powered and completely operational in less than 10 minutes. Warfighters agreed that T.E.A.M. was similar to the National Guard Communications Unit. However, T.E.A.M. provided a better work space, a more robust power generation system, a compact easy to set-up design and did not require highly technical personnel to operate. Even though warfighters were familiar with the radio bridge, they had not seen such a completely integrated package that used satcom/internet/and radios to provide situational awareness between the incident site and the EOC. Warfighters were also impressed with the interoperability, work space, streaming video, and the systems ability to remotely control functions. Warfighters were impressed with the live video access via the internet which allowed access for multiple users. Warfighters indicated they would readily take the capabilities of T.E.A.M. to an operational environment in its current configuration because it provides everything needed to effectively manage an incident, especially as a quick response vehicle."

"T.E.A.M. provides a very useful communications suite that could make a tremendous impact at the county EOC level by quickly filling voids in connectivity and providing increased situational awareness in any emergency situation. T.E.A.M. is an excellent platform that has many applications for emergency responders and is very effective in bridging communications from the field to command center and back. The municipalities and first responders that participated in the T.E.A.M. demonstration were impressed with the technology and indicated a desire for its capabilities within their emergency response arsenal."


"The T.E.A.M. system clearly demonstrated that the system is fully functional and capable to support first responders. The most successful aspect of T.E.A.M. during CWID was its ease of operation, its flexibility to meet first responders" needs and the systems mobile connectivity. The TEAM system demonstrated immediate interoperable communications between all first responders and other local, state and federal as well as military organizations and agencies arriving at an incident scene. This aspect is of extreme value to the warfighter in completing his mission in an emergency response situation. Moreover, the enhanced SA of the streaming video allowed the EOCs to remain aware of the incident without intruding on field operations. Due to live video feed from location to the command center, decisions were made faster and more effectively, providing enhanced real-time situational awareness and consequence management to higher echelons (fixed and mobile command posts) and adjacent units. These capabilities were available at an incident scene with zero existing infrastructures. Already fielded, the TEAM system is a cost-effective, highly capable and flexible solution available for deployment to support any emergency management command. T.E.A.M. demonstrated all its stated capabilities and successfully demonstrated its CWID objective of Integrated Operations to enhance the commander's capability to command, control, and coordinate across joint and coalition forces, government agencies, NGOs, and first responders."

The CWID 2007 Final Report is available at https://www.cwid.js.mil/public/CWID07FR/START_HERE.html.

More information concerning the T.E.A.M. system is available at www.firstresponseteam.com.

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