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First Response T.E.A.M. Helps Kentucky Recover from Ice Storm

(Huntsville, AL, and Mayfield, KY - February 1, 2009) — When the devastating January ice storms struck across the nation, Kentucky received a devastating blow with 24 dead and tens of thousands left without power. Included in the list of those without power and other services such as telephone and internet connectivity was the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) customer service center located in Mayfield, Kentucky. The service center had no way to access data or communicate with work crews and power distributors making it impossible for them to coordinate recovery efforts.

The TVA placed a call to Quantum Research International, Inc. requesting help getting communications reestablished in the Mayfield service center. On the evening of Thursday, January 27, Quantum deployed a First Response Tactical Emergency Asset Management (TEAM) truck with one system integrator. Within minutes of arriving at the powerless service center, internet connectivity was established using the TEAM truck’s satellite system and data and communications were once again flowing. The TEAM truck provided continuous support from its arrival until power was restored at the service center on February 1.

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