Quantum Research Intl.


Homeland Security Interoperability Systems

Quantum provides the leadership and technical assistance our partners need to secure the homeland from the threat of terrorism and natural disasters. We recognize our duty is to provide the best possible solutions to those first on an incident scene, those who secure our borders and those who protect our families and critical infrastructures.

Quantum provides integrated hardware and software solutions for First Responders, Incident Commanders, and Emergency Managers.  Our Tactical Emergency Asset Management (T.E.A.M.) System creates interoperable communications among disparate systems employed in disaster scenarios.

We offer the following services:

  • Command, Control, and Communications Solutions
  • Emergency Response and Incident Management and Training
  • Border Security and Control Support
  • Information Management
  • Budget Planning and Grant Writing Assistance
  • State and Local Coordination

The First Response T.E.A.M. System is designed and built to give Local First Responders and Emergency Managers unprecedented connectivity and interoperability from remote and on-site emergency and disaster scenes. The T.E.A.M. System is a proven performer improving situational awareness as it has been used in support of Hurricane Katrina relief and various other local and regional multi-jurisdictional efforts.  It is currently deployed with the State of Alabama’s Emergency Management regions as well as other public and private organizations.

Features of the T.E.A.M. System include:

  • Rapidly deployable to respond quickly and effectively
  • Satellite link and wireless, high-speed internet access
  • Establishing on-site connectivity between disparate radio systems and provides radio-to-phone communications
  • Cross-bands disparate radio nets and communications systems. Radios that can be cross-linked include VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz, trunked, military, and other phones
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Self-contained and operable in austere environments
  • Multi-layered communications across all jurisdictions
  • Reach-back voice and data connectivity

EXAMPLES of Quantum's Homeland Security Interoperability Systems include:

Prime contractor for the Alabama Regional Incident Support Unit (ARISU) initiative. Successfully delivered nine First Response Tactical Emergency Asset Management (T.E.A.M.) System units, an affordable yet robust emergency management capabilities package that enables local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to provide comprehensive, integrated, on-site or remote emergency incident management command and control via mobile, interoperable communications, to the state of Alabama. They are currently deployed in each of the Alabama Emergency Management Regions and at the state Emergency Operations Center.

The prototype system was developed under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRDA) between Quantum and the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC). Under this CRDA, military Tactical Operations Center concepts and technologies were transferred to a civil emergency response application, including using a licensed SMDC Battle Lab Product known as the AWARE Software. Process leading up to these deliveries included:

  • Developing a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the U.S. Army to transfer Homeland Defense technology to the civil sector
  • Conducting a functional analysis of a local city/county emergency operations center to determine the requirements in terms of IT configurations and other solutions consistent with evolving Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Enterprise Architecture standards, for an effective interoperable emergency response unit
  • Assisting state and local officials in defining the specifications for their emergency response units. T.E.A.M. systems, as deployed in Alabama, are operated by integrated crews that include law enforcement personnel (police officers and sheriff’s deputies), fire service personnel and emergency management personnel. These personnel are drawn from the emergency region to which the particular system belongs.

The T.E.A.M. systems in Alabama have been used to support a variety of law enforcement situations, natural disasters and public events, which include providing interoperable voice communications via radio bridge for the Eric Robert Rudolph Change of Venue Hearing; for multi-agency law enforcement personnel supporting the NASCAR race at the Talladega International Speedway; and for emergency response to hurricanes Katrina and Rita as well as a number of other large-scale public events.

Quantum was awarded a subcontract to supply two Advanced Communication Shelters for the U.S. Army Future Combat Systems (FCS) to test future communications in realistic environments. FCS consisted of a family of manned and unmanned systems, connected by a common network, enabling the modular force and providing our Soldiers and leaders with leading-edge technologies and capabilities. Quantum, using the proven and fielded T.E.A.M. vehicle system as a base design, integrated a unique roof rack, interior and exterior lighting, power and power distribution systems, a thirty foot pneumatic mast with directional antenna, assorted hardware racks for radios and other equipment into a standard lightweight fiberglass communication shelter.