Our experience, expertise, and capabilities enables us to help our customers deliver innovative systems and solutions to meet the challenges fighting in this evolving multi-domain environment. Quantum’s core competencies are aligned with the current and future needs of our customers and address emerging global security challenges in the key areas of Cyber, Space, Air, Land, Support Enablers and Advanced AV Design.

Our Capabilities

Cyber Warfare

Cyber Warfare Domain

For over two decades, Quantum has helped protect some of the most secure networks in the country. We lead customers through the development and execution of critical information technology (IT) security best practices such as Risk Assessment Framework (RMF)/Information Assurance (IA), the implementation of IT security processes and tools, and development and management of Cybersecurity Operations Centers (CSOCs) following the NIST standard. We conduct vulnerability assesments and penetration testing, incident response, forensics,  policy development, and cyber training. We refine precision technologies to counter evolving threats and we can protect vulnerable platforms, safeguard critical infrastructure, ensure comprehensive cyber support, and meet advanced mission needs.

NSCAP Logo1 of only 5 Companies in the US accredited by NSA 

Allows us to access / diagnose / protect intelligence systems and networks

  • Perform vulnerability analyses
  • Perform penetration testing
  • Diagnose / deter malicious malware and viruses
  • Perform system repairs / safe guards

CSOC LogoNational Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC)

Based in Huntsville, AL and operated by Quantum Research International, the National CSOC is a state-of-the-art cyber security facility that integrates highly experienced technical personnel, sophisticated hardware and software capabilities, and the latest cyber defensive tools, techniques, processes, and procedures into a single facility. The National CSOC provides an active and pro-active defense capability protecting and improving the resilience of network systems against ever-changing cyber-attacks.


  • Computer Network Defense
    • Vulnerability Assessment including Penetration Testing
    • Computer Forensics and Threat Neutralization 
    • Continuous Monitoring Incident Response
  • Workforce Cyber Security Training
  • Risk Management Framework/ Information Assurance/Authority to Operate Certifications
  • Cyber Security Compliance (HIPAA, DFARS, SCADA)
  • Policy Development 
  • COOP and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Cloud Services Provider/Partner
    • Assessment
    • Architecture
    • Migration
    • Application Development
    • Security
    • Force Development Planning and Execution
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)

Space Warfare

Space Warfare Domain

Military, civil, and commercial sectors of the United States are extremely dependent on space capabilities. This dependence is a potential vulnerability as space becomes increasingly congested, contested, and competitive. At Quantum, we help build, launch, operate, and exploit systems in the space domain.

Our services and solutions allow our customers to modernize and sustain ground operations, produce responsive and lowcost nano-satellites, and protect the space enterprise against attack. We provide services that support military and civilian operations including position, navigation, and timing (PNT), Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), and Satellite Communications (SATCOM).


  • Space Operations and Space Warfighter Applications
  • Space Operating Environment (SOE) Expertise
  • Space Systems Capabilities Design Agent
  • Satellite Communications/Ground Systems Support
  • Specialties in Space Operations Management
  • Missile Warning/Air Defense Operations
  • Space Sensors Expertise/Support
  • Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) and Alternative PNT
  • Force Tracking Systems
  • US Army/US Air Force Special Technical Operations (STOs)/ Special Access Programs (SAPs)
  • Rapid Prototyping and Product Development
    • System Hardware & Software Integration Development and Integration
    • Testing and Fielding

Air Warfare

Air Warfare Domain

The air domain is physically linked to every other domain. Understanding the complexity of modern air power begins with a basic understanding of the air domain itself. Exploring the limits of height and speed for platforms that operate in it, and the domain’s unique attributes of speed, range, persistence, and payload provides flexibility in operations and an avenue for access anywhere in the world, anytime.

For almost two decades Quantum has supported Army and Air Force customers exploit the air domain’s speed, vantage, maneuverability, flexibility, and range. Our system engineers and analysts have worked on a common solution for digitizing Army Aviation, providing a controller and gateway to the Tactical Internet and Fire Support Network, and improved air-ground interoperability by managing Army Aviation’s participation in key Army and Joint network events. We help our customers exploit the air domain by constantly advancing technology.


  • Networks and Mission Planning
  • Mission Equipment
  • Air Traffic Control (Mobile Tactical and Fixed Base Strategic)
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE)/Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA)
    • Unmanned Aerial Systems
    • Stratosphere / High Altitude Platforms

Land Warfare

Land Warfare Domain

Quantum has a strong foundation of providing innovative engineering, integration, and development capabilities for our clients across the land warfare spectrum. From ground combat systems such as the Stryker and Armored Fighting Vehicle to strategic/tactical missile and command and control systems such as the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) System, Improved Sentinel Radar, STINGER Based Systems, and Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) System. Our team is focused on continuous process and productivity improvements that provide our clients with solutions, while reducing costs and speeding up delivery to meet urgent requirements. Quantum also helps our US customers provide advanced technology to our foreign partners. Our primary focus is partnering with those who protect our freedom to ensure their readiness for tomorrow.


  • Ground Combat Systems
    • Robotics / Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning (AI/ML)
  • Missiles
    • Tactical
    • Strategic
    • Foreign Military Sales
  • Experimentation, Test, and Evaluation
    • Field Assessments using AI/ML
    • Demonstration Planning
    • Assessments during Training Events
    • Operational Content Planning for Future Technologies
    • Secure Data Collection at the Edge
  • Homeland Defense
    • Prototyping and Experimentation
    • Agile Software Development
    • Aviation and Missile Defense


Support Enablers

The demand to improve business continues to increase as expectations change, new technologies emerge and competition grows. To meet these demands, Quantum helps our customers proactively develop requirements, analyze alternatives, conduct capability assessments, execute systems integration and prototyping activities, and develop strategic plans and program roadmaps. Our efforts result in agile, interactive processes, procedures, and solution outcomes that help organizations prioritize requirements to meet performance, schedule and cost goals. We also assist organizations, conduct organizational improvement and leader development to efficiently accomplish core business processes. Quantum’s application of our experienced business process domain knowledge, use of automated tools and analytics, and continuous improvement processes results in reduced operational costs for our customers while allowing them to focus on the evolving needs of their organization’s mission.


  • Joint Warfighter Support
    • Intergration and Interoperability
  • Intelligence Agencies Support 
  • Acquisition Support
  • Intergrated Logistics Support
  • Command and Operations Centers Design
  • Command and Control Operations
  • Systems Engineering / Model Based System Engineering (MBSE)
  • Agile Software Development / Software Factory
  • Data Analytics
  • Intergrated Master Schedules
  • Active Risk Management 

AV Design

Advanced AV Design

Quantum provides design, build, installation, and project management to a variety of customers, and we have long established ourselves as a leader in the professional and commercial AV field. Quantum has designed, delivered, and installed such systems for city, state, county, and federal government facilities; corporate facilities; higher educational institutions; and houses of worship. Such systems can include complex audio, video, conferencing, and lighting systems controlled with touch screens, as well as multicamera videoconferencing systems with annotation devices. Each customer’s needs are evaluated to create an individual, custom-designed solution that provides the best value.