Design, Development, Demonstration, and Integration (D3I) Domain 2 (D3ID2)

Prime CybEx, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantum Research International, Inc.

D3ID2 is a $504,000,000 order-dependent, multiple award IDIQ contract that provides USASMDC with the capability to design, develop, demonstrate, and integrate products focused on development of Space, Missile Defense, and High Altitude in the Technical Support Area of Information Integration and Data Exploitation.

This includes advanced technologies that apply to data and information systems, mission command, communications and computers, cyberspace, data fusion, data integration, and data exploitation in these areas:

  • Mission Command
    • Command and Control
    • Net Centric Computing
  • Cyberspace
    • Communication and Computers
    • Computer Enterprise System and Network Management
    • Telecommunications
    • Computer Network Defense
    • Trusted Systems and Networks
    • Multi-level Security
    • Information security
  • Data Exploitation
    • Data Fusion
    • Data Integration

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