North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Communications and Information (NCI) Agency Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA)

This contract offers a full spectrum of Professional Services Schedule, including strategic planning for technology activities/programs; concept and requirements development; system design, engineering and integration; test and evaluation; and acquisition and life cycle management, under the General Services Administration's (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule (FSS).

NCI Agency BOAs are acquisition instruments negotiated between suppliers of products and services and the NCI Agency on behalf of NATO in accordance with the referential NATO guidelines and procedures. A BOA is defined as a two-stage contracting procedure whereby a framework contract, specifying all basic contract provisions, including the pricing methodology, is negotiated and placed with a potential supplier for a specified range of goods and services against which retail quantities can be ordered, on a competitive basis, at a later stage.

The aim of this procurement procedure is to provide Host Nations with an accelerated and cost-effective acquisition method for Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products and services, respecting the principle of non-discrimination- and fostering an environment conducive to maximizing the participation of qualified firms. Quantum is a current supplier of engineering and IT products, services and solutions.

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